About Us

The Widgetop Project

Widgetop was a service which brought Apple Dashboard widgets to the web so you could access your own personal Web Desktop anywhere.

Widgetop supported an assortment of mini web applications or widgets which you could use to create your own personal Web Desktop.

It displayed information such as news feeds, web services, pictures, weather, finance quotes, games, stickies, calendars and a whole host of other fun and usefull mini applications.

Widgetop was available for desktop and mobile browsers:


Widgetop is closed

We closed the project because the world moved on from widgets to mobile apps. Most of our own widgets live on as iOS or Android apps:

Speedymarks Apps

All user data has been deleted. Thanks for using Widgetop.

The Blog

In case you want to see what happened in the past, please have a look in outr blog:

Widgetop Blog